Hi all, those who are familiar with the blog will know and understand my aims and objectives for the site. My focus on the mental health side of things has been less than I’d prefer in recent times, and I aim to rectify that. As part of this, I have decided to write a book on my mental health experiences, my upbringing and the link between those things.

I want to approach this from a social, and psychological point of view, but also with the aim of spreading the word that you’re not alone.

I don’t want to do this from a personal gain point of view, and would love to get as many on board as possible for this project. I’m also open to ideas (for example maybe a short film with some people?), and any feedback. I’m aware that I’m far from an influential figure here, but I thought why the hell not give it a go!

This is as a follow up to the pieces I did on the blog when first set up, and if any contributors/ others who didn’t get a chance to contribute would like to do so in regards to this book I’d be more than open to discussing it with you.

This is VERY early stages, and may take a long time, but I am determined to make this happen. I’m not looking to make any profit either, only cover whatever costs we may have along the way.

Anyone who can help make this a reality, I would love to hear from! I don’t want to jump in too deep, so please appreciate that I’ll go at my own (rather slow) pace.

This is something I’ve been thinking abut for months, and I’ve decided to just go for it. If even one person reads it and it helps them, I’d be absolutely thrilled!


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